We are a Business Innovation and Strategy Consultancy. We help our clients r(evolution)ise their businesses, define break-through products + service, enter new markets and strengthen their positions


Echoing the latest global trends into your business, brands and services through relevant innovation


In turn amplifying these innovations to deliver breakthrough experiences of your brand, products, services and income streams


Making sure these experiences are shared through the right marketing channels to maximise your ROI


The Fresh Ingredient is a Business Innovation + Strategy Consultancy. We partner with businesses hungry for growth by conceptualizing + implementing new products, brands, services and business models. Our mission is to leave a lasting impact on you + your business.



Have a business idea? Want some light shed on your industry? Need to innovate? Taking your business in a new direction!

We offer:
  • Track worldwide trends
  • Research your industry
  • Building your vision + mission
  • Plotting a viable business model
  • Execute
  • Evaluate + analyse
  • Sharpen your execution plan

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Feeling uninspired? Turnover has plateaued? Stagnant? You need to re-energise yourself + your business!

We offer:
  • Track worldwide trends
  • Research your industry
  • Renew your vision
  • Revise your business model
  • Execute
  • Evaluate + analyse
  • Sharpen your plan forward

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Do you have a successful business? Want to take your business from good to great? We make sure you stay ahead of the curve.

We offer:
  • Track worldwide trends
  • Research your industry
  • Revise vision + strategy
  • Streamline processes
  • Execute
  • Evaluate + analyse
  • Sharpen your action plan
  • Bolster leadership + motivation

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John Sanei is a dynamic thought leader in the field of business innovation + strategy. His unique energy + gift has evolved through his own experience across a plethora of industries. He brings innovation + deep insight to each + every project. As a natural leader, he enthuses both his own team as well as his clients.
John Sanei
"Innovation is key in today's ever changing business world, but on its own it's like a carriage without a horse. In order to make Innovation relevant we need to keep a keen eye on world wide trends and then echo these trends into products, services and business models to make sure they are relevant to today's intelligent consumer. This in turn amplifies your business offering, making it a remarkable experience, giving your customer the impetus to share it with their pier group" - John Sanei

Meet John



It takes diverse skills, personalities and perspectives to build a Fresh Innovation Network. The Fresh Ingredient is powered by a rich database of professionals, each expert in their area of specialty. With every project, Founder and CEO - John Sanei, assembles the finest talents available to best achieve the desired objectives. This unique collaboration lends itself well to a thriving creative culture and passes on benefits of low fixed-overheads to our clients.


John Sanei Talks
Need to energise yourself + your team? Our Founder + CEO - John Sanei, gets down to passion on innovation, strategy, leadership + the requirements of excellence for building a business. He is available to address groups of all sizes.


Some of the sectors we have impacted:

Cabinetry - developed a brand new design for cabinetry for clients + strategised the route to market for range

Furniture - together with client we conceptualized a concrete furniture brand + developed synergistic partnerships to help with launch of brand

Hospitality (restaurants + guest houses) - developed whole concepts from menu to d├ęcor to uniforms to staff training to marketing to sponsorships

Invention + product distribution - together with client invented the product for international distribution + currently building international distribution network

Product distribution sales - developed new product lines as well re strategized new route to market + income streams

Online business - help create traction on sites and translate traction into money streams

Sports - together with client created a master franchise model for international roll out

Textiles - design new route to market for textile internationally + developed micro enterprise development programs


Dagama Textiles
Building new route to market for shweshwe material internationally

The "Fresh Ingredient" is more than throwing a few ingredients into the pot … John is purposeful, driven, candid, insightful, clever, experienced … all of this with a light touch … ingredients, when well mixed, result in a strategic or operational vision which will have a high probability of success.

Kevin Wright
Group Managing Director
Turnaround of health cafe business

As founders and owners of a health juice bar concept, with three branches in Cape Town, getting told that our brand was 'arb' was a bitter pill to swallow. But it was the beginning of a rejuvenation of Osumo, started and driven by The Fresh Ingredient.

Their frank, honest approach certainly gets results. Asking all the right questions to get one thinking and into action. The Fresh Ingredient is energetic, dynamic and passionate about making a difference to a business. They set out to refresh the Osumo brand and concept and the outcome speaks for itself.

They proved instrumental in the implementation of a new menu, as well as a crisp, revived look and feel in the stores. The strategy and roll out worked so well, not only has the customer feedback and appreciation been amazing, but there has also been a 20% increase in our turnover.

The experience TFI has in the hospitality industry combined with their positivity, approach, focus and commitment, makes even the most reluctant and resistant to change (like us!) think outside the box. TFI has helped us create the platform from which our brand can now be taken to new levels.

All credit to The Fresh Ingredient, thank you, Osumo is fresh and flourishing!

Megan Hussey
Cabinetry innovation and route to market designed

Great Ideas are a dime a dozen as the saying goes. Many people are over whelmed by changing or starting something new. Only through The Fresh Ingredients strategy have we been able to take our idea from concept through to reality in a relatively short period. John Sanei's optimism and energy drives what he does best. He inspires us, pushes us, holds us accountable and keeps the process on track. By breaking the process down into manageable sections we have been successful and maintained focus. Together with the Fresh Ingredient we look forward to the launch of our exciting new company!

Andrea and Craig
Founders and Operators
Cape Town International Convention Centre

"Presentation content and skills of delivery were excellent! Thank you TFI for your energy and passion."

Joey Pather
Online restaurant bookings

The Fresh Ingredient has been an invaluable asset for us at ComeDine. Their insights, not limited to the hospitality industry, have helped us make critical necessary decisions. John's enthusiasm for his work fuels all around him, and the energy with which he approaches each task compels others to follow suit.

We were amazed at TFI's ability to explain complex ideas in a simple way, with the help of some artful metaphors! This has helped us close deals that might have otherwise been lost. No metaphor is necessary when we say that John and the Fresh Ingredient team would be an asset to any company. They deliver the extraordinary when only the ordinary is expected.

Martin Rose
Founder and Owner - ComeDine
Cricket School of Excellence
Getting ready to franchise internationally

I have known TFI Founder - John Sanei for several months and have always enjoyed his passion, focus and manner in the way he conducts himself on a business front and also as a fellow fitness and health conscious person. It has been an absolute pleasure working with him over the past three months.

TFI assisted my team and me with many new ideas to enhance our business, that has been in operation for the past several years. They have allowed us to make the changes to ensure we refresh our brand so we can become more successful in the future and grow on a national scale.

They are always available when we need answers and are always very professional and precise.

Ryan Maron
Strategizing new income streams managing business

The Fresh Ingredient epitomises 'dynamic'. They are able to grasp complex business models quickly allowing for recommendations to be on-point and delivered in a refreshingly honest manner. As complex and diverse as businesses are, they get into the heart and mind of them (and their operators) and recommend strategies like a professional sporting coach recommends winning game plans.

Brennan Wright
Funk My Phone
Cell phone network product distribution

Working with The Fresh Ingredient has helped me develop marketing strategies and bring forward many great ideas in taking the next steps in my new business. I have learnt a great deal in terms of business planning, presentation planning and time management, which has helped boost my other businesses as well. I would definitely recommend The Fresh Ingredient to any start-up business as well as to already established businesses, to continue growing and moving forward.

Ariel Navarro
Marshmello concrete creations
Helping develop brand and launching

The impact with working with The Fresh Ingredient has been nothing but remarkable as they fundamentally changed our strategy to market.

Their network and presentation skills are excellent and together with our cutting edge designs landed us a partnership with South Africa's top cement producers and manufacturers. The intricacies and strategy are subtle but critical in gaining market share.

We recommend, in fact we think its imperative you utilize the services of The Fresh Ingredient.

Mo Golabi
New Life Coach

I have been working with The Fresh Ingredient to create a scalable business model that does not always require my presence and time. Being self-employed is very limiting financially and I am privileged to have access to TFI's creative genius in this process. They work organically and allow each session to unfold as it needs to. It is not a one size fits all approach and I have been impressed at how they inspire me to ask questions about my business I did not know needed asking.

The experience has pushed me out of my comfort zone and yet he has contained my anxiety and nerves like a pro. The team was led thought leader by John Sanei, who is as forward thinking as he is lovely a person. He is the real deal, an out-the-box thinker, with the creative inspiration for any business. I am privileged to be working with him and his team.

Shelley Lewin
Life and Relationship Coach
Papino's Restaurant
Turn around

The Fresh Ingredient worked with us for three months as our business strategists. We have been operating at the same level for years and needed a new, fresh approach to elevate our business. It is often impossible to see the obvious truths and things to change as the owner/operator of a business.

John and his team are full of energy and are very generous with their ideas and time. They are both practical and creative. Their approach stems from years of experience, combined with the latest market research and trends. It was very inspiring and a real breath of fresh air to work with them over this period. Thank you for sharing your experience and ideas with us, and pushing us to take our restaurant to a refreshing new level.

Anna Shilina
Phoenix Wellness Studio
Growing the business

We started working with The Fresh Ingredient in May 2012. Our business was at a stage of development where it needed to grow to the next level, but we were struggling to get there on our own.

The Fresh Ingredient injected renewed energy into our way of thinking and facilitated a dynamic process of transforming our business. Under TFI's enthusiastic guidance we were able to develop innovative and exciting plans. We have been particularly impressed with John's ability to network and bring likeminded people together. Through him we have been introduced to a number of people with whom we are building synergistic working relationships. We can highly recommend The Fresh Ingredient to any business that is looking to move to the next level.

Andrew Anthony Wiley
Tshisa 24
Developing a master franchise

We have worked with John Sanei and The Fresh Ingredient for about 3 months. They assisted us with conceptualising Tshisha24 - a first of its kind student focused 24 hour fast food brand. They helped us take this from concept to the physical store.

They gave us many different options to pursue and helped tweak a number of existing systems.

From vision, to decor, to menu ideas, positions of sites, they consulted with us with weekly, either on site or in the office, as well as telephonically and electronically whenever needed.

The Fresh Ingredient has really been a great investment for us.

Hadi Shayesteh

"Working with the Fresh Ingredient has injected new energy into the Woza brand and allowed a stream of fresh ideas to be launched. Thank you for helping us increase turnover close onto 300%."

Aviv Gruer
Product distribution into retail and hospitality.

The Fresh Ingredient's ability to think out of the box is amazing. While most of us look at the ordinary, most trodden path, their flash of new ideas jumps out like a brilliant spark.

Many companies do a lot of research, look for new ideas and their applicability, but you have to go beyond that. TFI dreams a vision for the project that no one else dares, and then inspires, motivates, and takes your entire team with.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the results speak for themselves. Our 'mom & pop' business would have remained exactly that if it wasn't for The Fresh Ingredient's intervention on all fronts. Thank you Fresh Ingredient

Shahrzad and Brett Hone
Founders and Owners